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Research confirms that the people factor is arguably the largest driver of business success, but surveys of CEO’s confirm that it is one of the least effectively managed corporate functions.

Based on the latest research and thought leaders (e.g., Boudreau, Huselid, Guest, Lepak and Snell), you can use the extensive array of resources, including guides, tools, templates, and check lists in our Strategic Workforce Plan Pack to lift your profile as a HR professional. Become more strategic, more business focused, generate better quality human capital data, address the complexities of managing the 21st century workforce, and make better people decisions.

Note: it is essential that purchasers of this Pack also purchase the book entitled “Aligning Workforce and Business Strategies: Mobilising the 21st Century Workforce” as this book provides an explanation of the concepts and models in this Pack. Refer to the section on Books.

There are two versions of this Pack:

  • The Basic Version (which is available for purchase online); and
  • The Advanced Version is (which is only available with consultancy assistance from Advanced Workforce Strategies and includes access to the Skills Segmentation Questionnaire and plotting tool for analyzing roles).

This Pack takes workforce planning (which is typically focused on head counts) and talent management to the next level of sophistication providing concepts and value on an entirely different plane. Use this Pack to:

  • Closely align your workforce and business strategies;
  • Categorise the importance of roles to the business based on skills, including identifying critical roles and roles potentially suitable for outsourcing;
  • Tailor your HR strategies and policies (including recruitment, L & D, engagement and retention) to different segments of your workforce;
  • Compile powerful workforce analytics, including all of the key HR data relating to recruitment, performance and retention;
  • Unlock the potential of your existing HR data, improve reporting outputs, provide deeper workforce insights and make better people decisions.
This Pack includes:
  • Extensive resources in the form of a workbook and guide, associated tools (see later) and templates (including reusable HR data sheets) for easy practical application;
  • A sample Workforce Strategic Plan (in pdf and MS Word) that you can adopt and compile for your own organisation producing an impressive professional document that you can be proud of.

Workbook and Guide

The Workbook and Guide to Developing a Workforce Strategic Plan (52 pages, pdf)

This guide will walk you through the key steps and process for developing a Strategic Workforce Plan for your organisation. It includes:

  • The 11 key steps in the process;
  • Responsibilities of the various parties;
  • Various activities that need to be undertaken;
  • Draft communications to executives and Section/Division/Business Unit Leaders;
  • Draft agendas for meetings with Section/Division/Business Unit Leaders for gathering relevant Information;
  • Criteria for evaluating the success of your Strategic Workforce Plan.
Measurement and Reporting Human Capital

Reporting Human Capital

Start using the comprehensive set of 13 checklists and reusable HR data reporting templates today.

Each template is in the familiar Microsoft Word format and is fully customisable. Use the templates to collect crucial workforce data in the following areas:

  • Role classification
  • Workforce demographics
  • Salary and training costs
  • Turnover costs
  • Performance ratings
  • Recruitment statistics

Note. These completed HR data templates are ultimately incorporated into the Strategic Workforce Plan document.

Three SWP Tools in the Pack

1. EVP Profiling Tool

Profile EVPs based on the Psychological Contract

EVP Profiles

This Excel tool is based on a 15 item questionnaire and has multi-purpose applications over the recruitment and selection cycle. Use this versatile tool for:

  • Profiling the EVP including both the tangibles and intangibles relating to “the deal” for the role in question;
  • Conducting Realistic Job Previews (RJPs) for short listed candidates to compare their expectations with the EVP for the role; and
  • Conducting Post Recruitment Expectations Delivery check, 3 months into the job for a new employee to see whether the promise or “the deal” has been delivered.

Also included is a Guide for Managers on How to Conduct a Realistic Job Preview (RJP) (27 pages, pdf)

……. download a brochure to find out more
2. Forecasting/Workforce Planning Tool: Determine Future Recruitment Needs

Man Binoculars

This Excel tool calculates future recruitment needs over the ensuing three years, taking into account the number of existing roles, increases or decreases in those roles, estimates of voluntary and involuntary turnover, and retirements.

3. Cost of Turnover Calculator Tool

Man Dollar Sign
This Excel tool calculates the cost of turnover, taking into account the importance of the role and the salary of the job in question.

The Other Resources in this Pack

A Policy Guide on Outsourcing (30 pages, pdf): Maximize Outsourcing Benefits

Businessman reading a file

Outsourcing (of both roles and activities) is becoming more common in the contemporary workplace. This Guide will tell you all you ever wanted to know about outsourcing providing an economic and strategic framework upon which to make informed outsourcing decisions.

For roles, use this exclusive outsourcing guide to:

  • Outsource roles based on a best-practice skills’ based segmentation model;
  • Easily apply the eight key criteria for making rational role outsourcing decisions;
  • Confidently weigh up the pros and cons of outsourcing each role.

For outsourcing activities, use this exclusive outsourcing guide to:

  • Include all key elements in your activity outsourcing contractual agreements;
  • Address key activity outsourcing stages with a comprehensive check list;
  • Maximise your return from outsourcing activities.
Career and Talent Development Policy (MS Word)

Formalise your people development approach with this Policy document that can be adapted to suit any organisation’s circumstances. It includes:

  • A career model that addresses the needs of both parties – the organisation and its people;
  • The business case for career development;
  • The career development program process (including talent);
  • Responsibilities of key stakeholders; and
  • An evaluation component.


$550 – Includes GST

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