Diagnostic Surveys

Research into the psychological contract in the industrial/organisational area is extensive and growing. In fact the psychological contract has been identified as the most emergent area in organisational research (Del Campo, 2007)

We have developed and commercialised a number of diagnostic survey tools based on the concept of the psychological contract.

The psychological contract constitutes the “essence” of the relationship between parties. It may be defined as “the stated and implied promises and understandings existing between the parties”. The psychological contract has a significant impact on people’s behaviours and performance.

We believe that relationships are fundamentally important, and to that end, we have applied this relationship or psychological contract concept to various contexts (see below).

Our surveys incorporate rigorous psychometric properties, providing valid and reliable benchmarked data with high diagnostic capability. We provide easily interpretable profiles with clinical reporting and recommend targeted interventions that have predictable outcomes.

Our efficient survey administration is web based with rapid reporting turnaround time. There are flexible coding options for various segments or participant groups, and the also flexibility to include additional questions beyond the core or standardised survey tool.

In summary, we measure what matters, generating business focused metrics that are linked to performance and the bottom line.

Note. All of the above surveys are also available through licensing and accreditation of consultants.