Alliance Benchmark Survey: Team Relationships Performance Indicator

Team Relationships within Alliances and Multi-disciplinary Project Teams: The AB and TRPI surveys


This diagnostic survey (which measures the relationships between alliance partners or contract teams), directly links the health of those relationships to performance for alliances and multi-disciplinary project teams, particularly in large infrastructure projects.

Our Clients

We have conducted over 20 surveys with clients including: Melbourne Water, Sydney Water, Qld Rail, Worley Parsons.

An example of our work includes the following.

Contract Turnaround: WorleyParsons Contract – BP Kwinana Refinery

Conducted a survey and review of a major Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Maintenance (EPCM) contract for WorleyParsons (BP Kwinana Oil Refinery), diagnosed issues of concern and reported on the same including recommended interventions. Then designed and facilitated a follow up workshop for key contract staff to address areas of perceived deficits. This exercise significantly contributed to the turning around of a highly distressed contract into a high performing one.

Note. The AB™ and TRPI™ surveys have been developed by the Alliance Benchmarking Institute (ABI), an entity associated with Advanced Workforce Strategies. To find out more, visit the ABI web site at: www.alliancebenchmark.com