OH&S Compliance and Behaviours: The SC™ survey

Workplace H&S

OH&S compliance is becoming an increasingly critical concern for many organisations. Based on a model of the safety psychological contract, this survey captures critical behavioural based compliance and risk management information, as well as providing a basis for targeted interventions aimed towards improving OH & S performance.

Our clients include: Silcar, SP-AusNet

An example of our work:

OH&S Safety Compliance and Risk Management Survey: Silcar – Yallourn Open Cut Coal Mine, Maintenance Personnel

Conducted an OH&S compliance and risk assessment survey at this site, diagnosed issues of concern and reported on the same including recommended interventions. This site had experienced some OH&S issues previously including the death of one of the maintenance staff. Silcar were keen to assess any ongoing OH&S compliance and risk issues. A number of issues were identified and interventions recommended to address the same.

Note. The SC™ survey has been developed by the Safety Compliance Institute (SCI), an entity associated with Advanced Workforce Strategies. To find out more, visit the SCI web site at: www.safetycompliance.biz