Organisational Reviews and Consultancies

Major Consultancies (typically around 6 months duration or longer)
  • Supervisor effectiveness and OH&S performance throughout eight Central Qld coal mines (BMA)
  • Talent identification project from over 1,000 National supervisors (PNG Banking Corporation)
  • Capacity building (PNG, MVIT)
  • Establishment of a new statutory authority (PNG AusAid, NARI)
  • Implementation of Management by Objectives (Readymix Concrete)
  • Business and Strategic Planning (Roche Mining)
  • Training Guarantee Scheme (Roche Mining)
  • Development and implementation of a OH&S policy and program (Roche Mining)
An Example of Our Work
Supervisor Effectiveness and OH&S Performance: BMA (BHP) Global Mining Company

Principal Consultant for a project focusing on supervisor effectiveness and OH&S performance for BMA’s eight Central Queensland coal mines (in conjunction with Silcar Consulting).  This five month intensive project involved the design of an innovative data collection system and establishment of benchmarks for supervisors’ activities (e.g., time spent on safety, planning, monitoring, etc.), and their interactions (e.g., with immediate team, with others, with boss, working alone). The project also involved onsite structured interviews and supervisor shadowing at the various mine sites, and the identification of those factors impacting on their efficiency and performance.