SWP Consulting

People groups on target

We have consulted to a number of clients in assisting them to develop Strategic Workforce Plans, identify critical roles and reconfigure/segment their workforce including

  • Various local government authorities including Cardinia Council, Bendigo Council, Shepparton Council
  • Cabrini Health Services
  • Celcom (large telco in Malaysia)
  • IAG
  • Methanex (globally including New Zealand)
  • MS Qld

Examples of our work include the following.

Workforce Segmentation and Reconfiguration: South East Asian Telco

Engaged by a major South East Asian Telco with 4,500 employees, to advise on workforce segmentation, workforce reconfiguration, and workforce strategic planning.

The company was operating well above industry labour benchmark costs and needed to scale down its workforce in a highly charged political environment. Structured interviews were conducted with executives and workshops designed and facilitated with the HR team.

Through a combination of workforce segmentation (of roles) and psychographic profiling of people in those roles, made a series of recommendations to achieve significant labour cost reductions (300 staff) that had a ROI of 1.5 years and were otherwise politically acceptable.

Strategic Workforce Plan: Cardinia Shire Council

Consulted to Cardinia Shire Council on the development of a workforce strategic plan. The outcomes of this project included:

  • The identification of critical roles in the organisation;
  • A focus and an increased investment on the development and performance of those people in these more critical roles;

Note. One of the most effective ways of enhancing organisational performance is to focus on performance improvement of those people in critical roles.

  • Development of a succession plan for critical roles;
  • Forecasting of future recruitment needs based on a number of considerations, including the capacity of the organisation to absorb high growth with its existing systems and processes without necessarily increasing head counts at the same rate;
  • The identification and quantification of people risk;
  • The compilation of a document that was presented to the Executive Leadership Group to guide future people decision-making, including an Action Plan to address areas of perceived deficits.

A further engagement and retention risk survey was then undertaken for those in critical roles.

As one of the fastest growing shires in Australia, we recognised that we had to adopt a different approach to managing our workforce in the future, including workforce planning. The concepts, models and tools that form part of Advanced Workforce Strategies’ Develop a Workforce Strategic Plan Pack have proved to be an invaluable resource, together with the valuable consultancy input and assistance from Colin Beames. The Workforce Strategic Plan that we have developed for Cardinia Shire Council has had “buy-in” from executives and provided us with new and deeper workforce insights. It has enabled us to identify key risks and develop targeted action plans to address those risks. This Workforce Strategic Plan now underpins all of our people management decisions going forward.

Di Ashton,
Manager Organisational Development,
Cardinia Shire Council