SWP Workshops and Presentations

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“Colin Beames is a global thought leader in Strategic Workforce Planning. The content presented in the recent 1 day SWP workshop, which was one of our most successful events being oversubscribed with 170 participants ranging from HR Directors/Managers from national and global firms, was was more advanced than typically what has existed on this subject.” Mike Haffenden, CEO, Corporate Research Forum

Key Features of our SWP Workshops

We have conducted numerous workshops (typically 1 day) on Strategic Workforce Planning both in Australia and the UK (see clients below).

Key features of our workshops include the following:

  • A “4 M” approach – Mindsets, Models, Measures and Methodology;
  • Linking Workforce Strategies to the Business Strategy – only then can the two be in total synch;
  • Integrating five human capital models, based on latest research – integration multiplies business value;
  • Turning theory into practice – demonstrating the use of tools and resources to improve an understanding and application of SWP;
  • Focusing on segmentation and role differentiation including critical roles, “make” roles and “buy” roles;
  • Tailoring HR strategies and policies (including recruitment, L & D, engagement and retention) to different segments of the workforce;
  • Presenting HR data in a compelling format that speaks the language of business.
Our SWP Workshop Content and Format

Session 1: Workforce Strategy Overview

  • The business case for developing a workforce strategy
  • A “4M” approach to developing a SWP (Mindsets, Models, Measurement, Methodology)
  • A definition of a workforce strategy
  • The difference between workforce planning and a workforce strategy
  • Model 1: 5 ways of building human capital (Cascio)
  • The 12 Deadly Traps of Workforce Strategic Planning

Session 2 – The New Focus on Strengthening Organisational Critical Capabilities & Core Competencies

  • Model 2: Critical Capabilities & Core Competencies (Scott-Jackson)

Session 3: HRM Architecture and Workforce Segmentation

  • Limitations of job/organisational level and job family segmentation models
  • Model 3: Skills Workforce Segmentation (Lepak & Snell)
  • Understanding the characteristics of roles (“make” roles, “buy” roles, critical roles)
  • Model 4: Profiling EVPs
  • The Psychological Contract (Guest)
  • HR policies by skills segment
  • Cost of turnover by skills segment

Session 5: Workforce Intelligence

  • Model 5: The people data cube
  • The 3 categories of HR data
  • The 4 “holy grail” workforce measures
  • The “3P” causes of turnover: Push, Pull and Personal


  • The content of a SWP (document) including how the 5 models are integrated into a SWP
  • The process of developing a SWP
  • Responsibilities of Executives, HR and Managers in developing a SWP
  • The benefits of a SWP

Our workshops include numerous case studies, exercises and activities including questionnaires.

Our Workshop Clients

Our workshop clients include:

UK: The Corporate Research Forum, HR Society, Thomson Reuters

Australia: Municipal Association of Victoria, Local Government NSW, Cabrini Health Services

We have also presented workshops for Akolade, IQPC, Marcus Evans, Telesis and Key Media in Australia and Singapore.

Speaking Engagements and Presentations

We have presented to numerous HR conferences.

We have also presented to such high profile groups as the AICD and CEDA.