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We have multiple paid and free products available now online:

Develop a SWP Pack

There are two versions of this Pack:

  • The Basic Version (which is available for purchase online); and
  • The Advanced Version is (which is only available with consultancy assistance from Advanced Workforce Strategies and includes access to the Skills Segmentation Questionnaire and plotting tool for analyzing roles).

This Pack takes workforce planning (which is typically focused on head counts) and talent management to the next level of sophistication providing concepts and value on an entirely different plane. Use this Pack to:

  • Closely align your workforce and business strategies;
  • Categorise the importance of roles to the business based on skills, including identifying critical roles and roles potentially suitable for outsourcing;
  • Tailor your HR strategies and policies (including recruitment, L & D, engagement and retention) to different segments of your workforce;
  • Compile powerful workforce analytics, including all of the key HR data relating to recruitment, performance and retention;
  • Unlock the potential of your existing HR data, improve reporting outputs, provide deeper workforce insights and make better people decisions.

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Aligning Business and Workforce Strategies

This book provides a road map for those seeking to achieve this alignment. It firstly explains what is meant by a workforce strategy, as opposed to workforce planning. Then a three layered model of organisational critical capabilities, core competencies and individual job competencies of the firm is introduced from which the strategy of the business can best be conceived. The focus is then on strengthening these capabilities and competencies by identifying their underpinning key drivers.

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White Papers

We have a number of white papers available now. They cover a range of topics including identifying critical roles, people management practices and traps faced in strategic workforce planning.

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