Advanced Workforce Strategies is a boutique Australian consultancy firm.  As our name suggests, we specialise in the provision of a range of workforce strategy and organisational development consulting services and associated cutting edge products, tools, resources, and diagnostic survey tools.  Some of these products can be downloaded for free or purchased online, while others are available as part of a consulting services offering, in order to ensure optimum results.

Colin Beames - Managing Director of AWS

Colin Beames
BEng, BA, MBA, Corporate Psychologist
AWS Managing Director

You can view an interview of Colin Beames on Strategic Workforce Planning here.


Colin Beames is an international speaker and Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP) workshop facilitator (UK, South Africa, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, New Zealand and Australia), author and consultant.His clients include such high profile organisations as: IAG, Telstra (GES), Celcom (Malaysia), Methanex (Canada & New Zealand), Thompson Reuters (UK), Cabrini Health, Worley Parsons.

Colin’s consulting services (in particular the AWS Skills-Based Workforce Segmentation Model including Critical Role identification) are sought after by firms seeking to manage their workforces more strategically. This includes changes to their business models as a consequence of digital disruption and their associated need for workforce transformation.

“Colin Beames is a global thought leader in Strategic Workforce Planning. His content is more advanced than typically what exists on this subject.”  Mike Haffenden, CEO, Corporate Research Forum

“Colin Beames has developed some unique models for holistic approaches to Strategic Workforce Planning. These include the identification of those roles in an organisation that are strategically critical. He has developed presentation, analytical and interactive materials that form a sound and professional platform for engaging workshops and internal consultancy. Together with his excellent books he has established himself as a global expert in this field.”  Andrew Mayo, Professor of Human Capital Management at Middlesex University, UK

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