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Advanced Workforce Strategies

We turn theory into practice. Our work is holistic, rigorous and innovative, combining latest empirical research underpinned with sound methodologies, applied in the form of practical solutions that work. 

Our consulting approach is highly collaborative, resource-rich, high yield and designed to maximise the transfer of learning and knowledge. We aim to build capability and self-sufficiency in our clients, whilst minimising our consultancy input.

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Our Key Offerings

We provide the following key offerings.

Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP)

Aligning workforce and business strategies. Download our white papers below on How to Avoid the 12 Deadly Traps of Strategic Workforce Planning and Strategic Workforce Planning: Adopting a Best Practice Approach for Resetting Your Organisation in the New Economy.

Digital Workforce Transformation

Mapping current and future roles, that form the basis for analysing the associated transformation workforce costs. Download our white paper below on The Nine Key Steps in Digital Workforce Transformation.

Critical Role Identification

Linking role value, Succession Planning and Talent Management. Download our white paper below on Critical Role Identification.

HR Analytics and Workforce Segmentation

Transforming your existing HR data into gold! Click here to see examples of reconfigured HR data.

Workforce Segmentation

Adopting differentiated HR policies and practices - the key to optimising the ROI of the workforce. Click on here to see the AWS Skills-Based Workforce Segmentation Model.

Strategic Recruitment

Including profiling Employment Value Propositions, based on our skills-based workforce segmentation model. Click on here for a brochure on the EVP Profiling tool.

All of the above Products and Services include the provision of extensive resources including guides, tools, sample reports, etc., that have been partly adapted for virtual (i.e., online) delivery, extending our reach both internationally and domestically.

Some of Our Clients

International Clients:

Australian Clients:


What clients are saying

Clients praise our expertise, innovation, and impactful solutions.
“Colin Beames has developed some unique models for holistic approaches to Strategic Workforce Planning. These include the identification of those roles in an organisation that are strategically critical. He has developed presentation, analytical and interactive materials that form a sound and professional platform for engaging workshops and internal consultancy. Together with his excellent books, he has established himself as a global expert in this field."
Andrew Mayo
Professor of Human Capital Management at Middlesex University
"In a recent workshop offered in Johannesburg, South Africa, Colin Beames shared a wealth of knowledge regarding Strategic Workforce Planning to a local audience of senior professionals from various industries. Colin was able to impart his knowledge and experience in a palatable manner and in doing so affected the participants ranging from creating an appetite for SWP, to deepening the levels of understanding of more seasoned professionals."
Lourens van Schalkwyk
Head: SIOPSA Academy, Johannesburg, South Africa

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